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Después de el mejor show en el que he estado en mi vida REACT! Showcase en California el Abril pasado fue bueno haber conocido a varias personas, hablado con varios, haber convivido y tener esa semana de full hardcore vivir todo con un grupo de amigos muy buenos que formamos allá, a veces me sorprende como una forma de vida o una mentalidad compartida sirven tanto para hacer tan grandes amistades, donde no nos importo barreras de idiomas o países todo fue increíble, bueno entre las personas que conocí ese fin de semana estuvo una gran persona que sus letras últimamente han sido bastante importante en la manera de influenciarme, hablo de Andy Norton una muy buena persona y con una banda increíble que se llama Praise les aconsejo a todos que la escuchen y pónganle atención a sus letras que son bastante buenas el ex bajista de Champion como muchos lo recuerdan acá contesto algunas preguntas para cualquier información extra o hacer pedidos de la banda contáctenme a través de el facebook de FSB o del myspace o el correo gracias y no dejen que la llama se apague.

Interview to Andy Norton of Praise.

Hey was up Andy thnx for answer this, hope you like the interview and hope we can figured it out someway so you can come with praise as the other buddies with mindset.

Ok, tell us about your hardcore scene resume?

I am not really sure what you by “hardcore resume” hahaha. If youre asking what bands I have been fortunate enough to play with there have been quite a few but that’s the past and right now I am trying to focus on the present. With that said I am thankful for all of the people Ive had the opportunity to play with and create something special with.

How was to play in champion how do you get there?

Champion was definitely, up until this point in my life, some of the best times of my life. I experienced so much in the 2 years I spent in that band and am very thankful for it. I ended up in Champion when there previous bassist quit. I had met the other dudes in Champion when another band I was in toured the west coast with them. I stayed in touch with all of them and when their bassist quit they asked me to play. Although I was living on the other side of the country things just worked out well. They had just recorded Promises Kept so there wasn’t any plans for writing new stuff, just plans for lots of touring. I would fly out a few weeks before tour and practice and then we would tour.

We all have seen the champion last show and it seems like it big emotions were going can you tell us what was the vibe and some reasons you guys decided to quit?

I cant really speak for anyone but myself. It was definitely an emotional night for everyone. I think going out the way we did was definitely the way to do it. Personally, it was just an intense night because I was coming to the realization that all of these people who I had grown so close to over the last couple years weren’t going to be there all the time. I went from seeing them every day for almost 2 years to seeing them maybe once or twice a year if I was lucky.

As a bassist I have to ask this, for you who is the best hardcore bassist, who do you think is the best you have share stage or you have seen?

My personal favorites are Steve Youth, Brian Baker, and Chris Bald are some of my personal favorites.

What kind of bass guitar did you play?

I play a fender jazz bass with 60s Jazz bass pickups. Nothing special but I love it.

What do you think of the scene nowadays?

I think the scene is great. So many good bands that I can relate to, that share the same ideas as me. Its definitely had its ups and downs since Ive been going to shows but I definitely feel like right now is a great time for hardcore punk.

What have you been your favorite place to play and why?

There are a lot of places Ive really enjoyed playing! Sweden, most of Australia and California have always been great.

Ok, lets talk about Praise your new band Im totally stoked with it since I heard it on a preview that Aram send it out, before the showcase how did you get into React! And how do you like I so far?

Before Praise was even a band Aram said he would put it out. From the start I knew that I wanted this band to be something between friends so React! Putting it out just made sense. I cant see Praise on any other label. As far as how we like it? We love it. React! Has gone above and beyond for us.

Who else plays in Praise?

Praise is Chris Bavaria, Daniel Fang, Colby Malone and myself.

How is it feel for you from being a bassist to now being a front man?

Its definitely a big difference. There is definitely a lot more focus on the vocals and front person for bands but it’s a nice chance and right now I am really enjoying being the mouthpiece for a band.

I have seen you are really inspired in 7 seconds, how was for you to play at the React with them?

Honestly, it was a dream come true. I couldn’t have asked for a better show. I had the pleasure of touring with them in the past and stayed in touch with some of them over the last 5 years which is how we able to get Kevin to do the cover art for the record. 7 Seconds has inspired me in so many ways with hardcore and in my every day life so to have them be a part of Praise is an honor.

Seems like Praise lyrics are very politically what was your idea when you started the band?

I don’t really consider anything I write “political” I just write about the things I deal with in my life and what I see on a daily basis. When I first started thinking about what I wanted to do with the band I just knew that I wanted to focus on whats important to me. I hope that someone out there can relate to what I am saying in some way and if someone does then I feel like I have accomplished my goal.

Do you really think peace is the solution, tell us about how do you think this affects the scene?

I think the idea of peace is a very simple idea and as human beings we are to quick to get physical and throw fists. We have this wonderful thing called a mind and if we could all just use it before we get physical then a lot more can be solved.

Ok, as being in El Salvador, a “third world country” when don’t get to see many bands to come around, I will love to see praise in my country any plans or have you talk with your band to do that?

As of right now there are no plans on touring, as much I would love to. There is always a possibility but right now we are just trying to focus on writing a full length for React! Records that will hopefully be out sometime in 2011.

is pretty hard to make bands, and do some stuff because the work, pressure and that what advise do you give to hardcore kids to put out bands and get involved?

Id just say keep at it no matter how hard it gets. It all pays off in the end if you work hard at it.

Where can we check Praise over the web, to buy some merch or listen to it?

Ok Andy thnx for everything you really have been an inspiration to me, hope someday you can make it to here.

Thanks so much for the interest and the interview. It means the world to me!

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Hey que tal después de una vacación (para los Salvadoreños) ha comenzado una nueva etapa en esto acá estamos trabajando en sacar un compilado que esperemos que este alrededor de Septiembre que comprenderá a las bandas del sello como las bandas amigas que siempre apoyamos por lazos de amistad, ya confirmadas y con todo amado tendremos a BDK de Colombia, Confrontación de Costa Rica, Despertar y Venganza de Guatemala, Strong Belief y Picking Up the Pieces de México, Dos33, Afrontar y Nuestra Promesa de El Salvador son las bandas que se han confirmado por el momento esperando que se unan otras más que den la confirmación, además esperamos tener próximamente discos de Picking Up the Pieces está muy buena banda de México una de las mejores que he escuchado en estos días y esperemos que nos manden material, pronto y tener una entrevista con ellos acá en el blog y mas información, Además estén listos que se vienen también los discos de Punto De Quiebra el tan esperado disco de esta banda en el mix de hardcore 90s con un poco de grunge recordando el rivalry sound que marco el resurgimiento del hardcore mas elaborado musicalmente hablando.

Bueno hablando de PDQ el pasado fin de semana se dio otro garaje show en la colonia Nicaragua acá en San Salvador como muchos sabrán los mejores hc shows que
ha habido últimamente se han dado en este garage que pasara a la historia por haber albergado a varias de las mejores bandas entre ellas Soul Control, Cruel Hand, Lion of Judah y Give ente otros esta vez fue para bandas locales ya había tiempos que no se hacia un show con solo bandas locales y es que quizá el problema era más que todo que no existían tantas bandas para armar un show así bueno a lo que vamos el show estuvo increíble quizá el mejor en lo que va del 2010, todo comenzó alrededor de las 4 de la tarde, hoy no pueden decir que tarde porque en realidad nunca se estipulo una hora para comenzar.

Todo comenzó con Afrontar dando unos riffs pesados con toques que hacen que el piso tiemble en el lugar que tocan la banda que pone la parte ruda en el hardcore de esta época ruda sin caer en lo violento con letras con sentido y de crítica social muy profundas que tocan la realidad en la que vivimos y que hacen que no seamos un esclavo más de la media o de la sociedad, cuestionemos todo recuerden que es una de las razones en la que el hardcore se distingue de otros géneros y parecen que las letras de Pete Erazo evocan esa actitud de cuestionamiento.
Después seguiría Infiltrando el Sistema una nueva banda que han formado varios hc kids de Sivar que ya tenían ratos en la escena pero que hoy se deciden en tomar las riendas con esta banda también con sus letras de crítica social es la segunda vez que tocaban, la primera que muchos la escuchábamos y si estuvo muy buena esperemos que sigan adelante y no solo quede en esa “banda” si no sea un proyecto a futuro esperamos su primer demo ande rolando por las calles pronto.

Al termina IeS al fin lo que me había esperado esa tarde Punto De Quiebra hacia su regreso ya después de casi un año sin tocar estos comenzaban con la varias clásicas ya Solo pareció desencadenar el buen hc que seguirían tocando y anunciando también que ya pronto estaría el disco esperemos que este salga antes que termine el año ya que este disco marca una pauta en la escena de El Salvador ya que será el primer disco de estudio de dicho genero en el país, PDQ estuvo increíble la verdad nada que envidiarle a las bandas de otros países quizá hasta mejor que varias que han pisado suelo sagrado Salvadoreño, al terminar PDQ siguió una clásica ya favorita de muchos con su sonido de hardcore melódico siguió Nuestra Promesa esta banda que es de las que tiene ya más tiempo tocando con un sonido que han mantenido y que parece que la gente es la que mas escucha ya que todas las canciones son bastante coreadas, estamos esperando sacar una reedición y alunas canciones nuevas en algún momento para completar el disco que muchos esperan de NP, ahí dependeremos que tanto sea el esfuerzo que ellos hagan.

Mientras tocaba NP en un pile on de todos los hckids y un diving de Joel NP, el foco del garage murió así quedando todo a oscuras pero como buenos Salvadoreños esto siguió todos coreando el clásico de ellos, y esto se puso increíble, al terminar NP ya muchos estaban por retirarse pero se dio el anuncio hacía falta una banda, como se sabrá la que nunca puede faltar la mas controversial y la que ha tomado el cariño de todo rápidamente DOS33 irrumpió para tocar las clásicas solo con las luces de un carro esto se puso de locos como ya es costumbre para la banda de skatehc al final de la jornada la banda se desato con un potpurrí de covers a la pantera, megadeth, metallica reviviendo los 90s recordando las épocas de colegio de muchos.
Con esto concluyo el garage show de los locales del 2010 esperemos que no sea el ultimo toque del año y ojala tengamos otra sorpresa antes que termine el 2010, próximamente aca tendremos la entrevista que realice a Andy Norton la cabeza detrás de PRAISE y ex bajista de Champion VEMOS!...

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Que tal acá de regreso después de un lastimoso gane de España en el mundial de futbol, y el quedar al borde de viajar a Japón representando a El Salvador en el mundial de Magic, un juego ahora ya casi deporte que recomiendo para aquellos que tiene tiempo y un poco de ganas de invertir $$ sabiamente, bueno como sea esta mierda no es para contar mi vida así que hablando de noticias estamos por lanzar el compilatorio de FSB records. Este compilado consiste en las bandas del sello que de alguna forma se les ayuda a que saquen algún material, distribuyendo su merch, organizando y ayudando en sus conciertos o simplemente mera amistad, esperamos en este compilatorio habrán bandas de El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, México, Costa Rica y quizá otro par de Europeas o Estadounidenses quien sabe como terminara ya que se ha visto que varias bandas quieren formar parte de esto, la idea es que será gratuito si para que no digan que uno hace dinero de esto. Suerte tenemos otros medios para poder mantener nuestros vicios.

Bueno la idea clara de este compilado es que solo se sacara en formato digital para que todos lo puedan piratear sin ningún problema algo que es común en nuestros países así que no afectara en ningún sentido la idea es que se propague por toda la red, hacer escuchar las bandas, la ideas plasmadas en cada canción, los diferentes géneros dentro del hardcore y así por supuesto dar más publicidad a estas, quien sabe si el otro año alguna banda de acá logre ir a tocar a un sound and fury, aunque por los problemas que hubieron ahí a saber si se repetirá.

Bueno igual en estas vacaciones Agostinas para algunos, tendremos un toque AL FIN! Después de ya varios días el hxc está de regreso con la presentaciones de PDQ (que proximamente sacaran su primer disco pueden visitar mas noticias sobre esto aca: , Afrontar, Nuestra Promesa, dos33 “el segundo debut” de Infiltrando al sistema. y esperamos otra sorpresa por ahí que estamos a la espera que se confirme.

Sin más les dejo el flyer nos vemos en el pitxxx.

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Bueno con la llegada del evento más importante que se da cada cuatro años acá les dejo con una frase de la persona más importante del país donde se está celebrando la cita mundialista.

Porque ser libre no es solamente desamarrarse las propias cadenas, sino vivir en una forma que respete y mejore la libertad de los demás.
Nelson Mandela

Para poder leer la biografia de Nelson Mandela haganlo aca:

Y además flyer del prox toke el Sábado 19 de Junio que habrá en Guatemala si pueden no se lo pierdan.

A y recuerden ala venta discos de The Limit pueden escuchar The Limits desde Palermo Italia aca:


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Primero que nada, gracias a toda la gente que apoyó en el concierto de Armenia, Sonsonate. Todas las bandas que estuvieron buenas aunque no pude ver a Nuestra Promesa todos dicen q estuvieron buenos, a Despertar gracias por venir a Afrontar y a dos33. La verdad fue que cuando me manifestaron sobre llevar a cabo un concierto fuera del área metropolitana me mostré un poco escéptico ante la idea. Pensaba que a veces la gente no llega estando dentro de la capital, mucho menos llegaría fuera de ella.

Unas semanas antes fuimos a inspeccionar el lugar y quedé contento. Primero al ver que el lugar es muy bello, debido a que la alcaldía trabaja mucho. En segundo lugar, la persona que se encargó de mostrarnos la zona y organizar dicho toque (xJuan Marroquinx), tiene esa chispa, esas ganas y ese amor por el hardcore. Una chispa que quizás perdemos porque nos abatimos por el trabajo, la vida diaria, a veces monótona, que llevamos. A veces las cosas no salen como queremos pero, al llegar a la casa y poner un vinil de la banda que más te guste, arrecostarte, escuchar sus letras (y si es una banda hardcore), te das cuenta que esto es lo que querés y que no estás solo en el mundo.

Cuando hablo con mis amigos me doy cuenta de eso. He tenido la suerte que mis amigos, a pesar que siempre existan diferencias y que nos peleamos a cada rato, al final, si necesito algo, ellos siempre están ahí, al igual que yo estoy para ellos, por mucho que hablen fuera. No me gusta usar la palabra "crew," porque siento que dentro de una escena no debe de existir divisiones, pero siempre habrá amistades mas apegadas con ideas similares, cuestiones generacionales etc.

El punto es que el toque estuvo genial! Muchos se rebuscaron para ir y la verdad es que esta gente aclara que la llama está lejos de ser apagada. Muchos de ellos están más jóvenes y están demostrando todas las ganas con mentes positivas. Esto va por un buen camino, y si en algún momento nos preguntamos dónde iba esta escena, pues creo que ahí nos han demostrado el buen rumbo por el que va.

Les agradezco mucho a toda esta nueva “generación” que está surgiendo; mentes claras en tiempos vitales!

A LA VENTA! CAMISAS DE DOS33 color blanco y amarillo escriban un comment en el fb, myspace o un correo y se la hacemos llegar. Si no, pregunten por ellas en blacksheep records y las hacemos llegar. Gracias por el apoyo!

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Listos para uno de los mejores conciertos Hardcore del año...a tomarse Armenia Sonsonate tendremos ya la camisa de dos33 hecha por FSB CREW a la venta, y mucha merch cortesia de blacksheep music store asi que vayan si se lo pierden jamas se lo perdonaran....

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SoUl CoNtRoL

Bueno entre "ensayos", desvelos, trabajo, trabazones, y cafés no me a quedado el tiempo de terminar de traducir la entrevista que hice a Soul Control pero acá se las dejo en Ingles espero pronto poderla terminar de traducir, por el momento que puedo decir de Soul Control que no se ha dicho una de las mejores bandas en la actualidad y que en vivo ponen una energía demasiado grande, los que la vieron en su tour por Centro América no me dejaran mentir. sin mas que hablar acá les va:

So What Soul Control plays and who plays what?

jim: we are jim/guitar, eric/bass, ryan/drums, rory/vocals

eric: we play a little thing we like to call music

ryan: drums

How this whole idea started?

jim: just something to do to and have fun. now, obviously, we want to take over the world.

eric: my original plan was always to take over the world, i was just quiet about it. as you can see, we've failed miserably.

ryan: at first i thought i got lucky when they asked me to join. now my life is a pile of garbage.

rory: i don't know how to do anything else.

Where are the old SC members now?

jim: they are on a mindwalk in outerspace.

eric: last time I saw matt he was choking on some dust in the basement of his mind

rory: bowling

How do you feel about the scene in Central America and especially in El Salvador?

jim: it is the greatest scene on earth.

eric: easily one of the best places we've played shows ever. amazing people and a pure love of music.

ryan: Central America was the first time i played music outside of North America. For that reason alone I will always remember it.....but to top it off, those shows are still to this day, the best shows ive played in this band.

rory: Very appreciative and hospitable , we are very lucky to have made the connections we have been able to through the music we create.

Rory told me a shocking story about this kid of Last Lights how he died; can you tell us what happened?

jim: our friend dominic mallary passed away after playing a show back home while we were in guatemala. he was an amazing person and musician, may he rest in peace.

ryan: 100 % best dude. A real loss for anyone who knew him.

What other projects are you guys involved besides SC?

eric: i have a folk-jazz-fusion-reggaeton project that I play drums in, but it's not really serious. mostly just me rockin out on some steel drums and woodblocks, no bigs. we toured the Carribean at one point via cruise ship, but they tried to pay us with oysters and we bailed.

ryan: I have a band called Wasteland. We have been playing since like 2004....but our last show is coming up in April. I also have a D-beat project I've been working on. Shit is crazy. We don't have a name yet however.

rory: I have been playing in a band called Achilles since 2005 I believe. I also play bass(very poorly) in a band called Nova.

What do you guys do for living beside being on tour and recording the entire time?

jim: i'm a bum and live off my wife.

eric: i do video work.

ryan: anything i can do for money. right now i package and ship lightbulbs.

rory: I have been lucky enough to have random jobs. Right now I work at a Local Coffee Roaster's Part time and I also pick up hours at a grocery store called Whole Foods when I can. I'm also lucky enough to fill in some hours at a place doing Art and Music therapy with people who have developmental disabilities. I pretty much try to keep as many doors open as possible. I also do medical studies from time to time.

How do you feel about the hardcore scene nowadays?

jim: it's got its good points and bad.

eric: I can't stand it. I won't get into too much detail, but it's watered down and everything sounds the same. There's no substance.

ryan: I like some bands.

rory: To many people trying to compete with each other. I also feel that most of it is hollow and emotionless drivel. It has it's great moments though.

I heard the Dinosaur Jr. Cover and you guys play a Nirvana cover here, and did some nirvana covers show, what moves you to that “grunge” wave and to play it in a hardcore band?

jim: we celebrate the music we love.

eric: I think Jim summed it up pretty well. That period of time was when most of us were forming our musical tastes and really getting into all kinds of music, so for me personally that's just sort of where I came from and what I loved at that point in time, but also a lot of that music is still completely relevant today, especially in the cases of Dino Jr and Nirvana.

ryan: its a lot more fun than covering Youth of Today.

rory: I remember when Nirvana played that live concert on MTV, I watched that in my basement by myself and pogoed while watching the TV. I don't think anything has pushed us to the "grunge" wave, most of us lived it already lived it in some fashion or another. We are just doing what we want and playing music that we love to play.

What’s your favorite SC album and song?

jim: cycles the record and cycles the song.

eric: definitely most psyched on Cycles as a record because it represents what the band has progressed to on a bunch of levels. I don't know if I have a favorite song, but any of the songs on Cycles are really fun to play.

ryan: my favorites are Flux and Playing Coward. Flux because i can headbang, and Playing Coward because I can lay down that groove.

rory: I dig Silent Reality a lot, sums up my head most of the time.

How do you guys feel that hardcore or punk in general affects the world now that this have become really big, do you think it lost the meaning?

jim: up the punx.

eric: I think it's become commercialized to the point where it's not edgy or really saying/doing anything to affect the world. I think maybe it has the ability to affect the small audience that comes to shows, but generally speaking, those people already probably agree with a lot of your ideals or perspectives. I think it means different things to different people, but I think it's sort of lost it's basic point when you look at the big picture.

ryan: It definitely opens people's eyes to a lot of different things that they would not normally come across in regular life. For instance....I work with dudes who don't know what "vegan" means, and have no clue who Black Flag is. Anything thats kind of fast and has screamy vocals, they just call it "death metal".

rory: The meaning will never be "lost", but the meaning to more of the masses has been watered down. I feel like people have seen they can make some money off of the music and try to under the guise of being punk or hardcore. I think peoples intentions are what waters things down, to many people with no backbone or real heart.

How is to be in Bridge 9 records as it is like a “big” record label what the difference to work with it than to work in Rivalry?

jim: it's good. they have a pretty diverse roster and we're a weird band so I guess we somehow fit in there.

rory: We still play shows to 20 kids. I got a free hoodie from bridge 9 and lost it.

What happened to Rivalry?

jim: they're still a label, buy that devotion lp!

Any plans to come back to Central America?

jim: we'd love to come back someday. gotta find the right time.

eric: I won't be happy until we go back!

rory: Needs to happen!

What was the trouble that you guys in some country border that they take out all your merch, and couldn’t bring it to El Salvador and Guatemala?

jim: costa rican border guards snagged our bags and wouldn't give them back. so we had no merch for that tour. the shows were so good we didn't even care about it after a couple days.

eric: Plus, I flew down in my private jet, and got really hassled when I wanted my own runway at the airport. To me it just seems like that should be a common courtesy.

ryan: Eric straight up looks like a terrorist. It's becoming quite a problem.

rory: Tammynackle screwed us with his neck tattoo and knuckle tattoos. Why would someone get SELLOUT! tattooed on their knuckles? Red Flag?

How do you like the garage show over here or do you prefer to play in big venues?

jim: the garage show was my favorite show! smaller venue the better I always say.

eric: That garage show in El Salvador was one of the coolest shows I've ever played. Just such a unique experience.

ryan: too ill.

rory: Loved it. Pack it in.

How is your local scene?

jim: depends on the night and the weather and the alignment of the stars. sometimes we'll play and there will be 30 kids and then next show there will be 150, you never know what's going to happen in Providence.

ryan : yea...for the most part, if you aren't a noise band you get no love here. and when we do have good shows here, it's usually mostly kids from Massachusetts.

rory: Great bands, just not so much in the vein of hardcore.

Got pupusas?

jim: actually, yes i do! the neighborhood I live in in Providence has a very high Guatemalan population and there are several restaurants and panaderias that carry pupusas near my house.

eric: Can you guys send some express mail to me?! Please?

Favorite Hardcore band around this days or any other hc bands do you recommend to check it out?

jim: bad brains, black flag

ryan: Iron Age, Aerosols, Killer Fiction, SQRM, Another Breath, Rotting Out, Mountain Man

rory: Like Wolves, Dangers

Any new material to check out or any plans to make some new record?

jim: we are writing songs. no idea when they will come out, but eventually they will.

Where can people contact Soul Control and buy your stuff?

jim: has links to all the SC info you could ever need.

eric: I have a private band hotline: 1-800-PEACE-MOSH

rory: The best way to reach me is through smoke signals

Ademas pronto el Hardcore tomara Armenia, Sonsonate 8 de Mayo, habra merch de FSB y ademas estara BlackSheep Store vendiendo varias bondades pendientes aca les dejo el flyer: